Friday, December 15, 2017

Virtual Textures and Hurricane Maria

Three months after hurricane Maria hit and completely devastated Puerto Rico, I am back to Second Life. For that to happen I had to leave my beautiful island and move with my family to Texas. I was unable to log to SL as I was without internet and electricity all this time.

The last 3 months have been incredibly difficult for us. Our house was severely damaged by the hurricane as were most of the houses in my neighborhood. There is still no electricity in half of the island as well as water service and communications problems (phone signal / internet). Life has become so difficult in Puerto Rico that thousands and thousands of puertoricans decided to move to the continental US to states like Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and others to work and to start a new life. I decided to move to Texas, where my all family live.

I'm still not sure of the future of my store in Second Life. We are starting a new life and that consume a lot of time and energy. I do need as much financial help as possible to recover for the loss caused by the hurricane. So I'm doing a big sale at Virtual Textures' inworld store and at the SL Marketplace with everything at 50% off and more until December 31st. I hope you find in your heart to support this sale, as all the proceeds will help me and my family start a new life after all the difficult time we went through. You can also donate to my Paypal account at the donate button located at the right side of this blog.

Thank you so much for your support and love. A big hug for you all!

Love, Chica Indigo
Virtual Textures owner

Below you can see some of the devastation left by hurricane Maria in my neighborhood

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekend Deals at Virtual Textures

We are finally back after hurricane Irma, with new releases, weekend sales and specials! The new sets of textures are a great resources for builders, and best of all they are at 50% off and more this weekend. These are exclusive releases for the Builder's Bargains and Recycled Sale at The Creator's Market until September 18, so hurry up and visit us today at Virtual Textures to grab these deals! See some previews below. Enjoy the newness, and have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Releases On Sale at Virtual Textures

We have new releases on sale this weekend at Virtual Textures. This time the designs have an antique medieval style and include: exposed bricks walls, antique parchment, and old plaster and wood walls. There are more deals at our main store and at our marketplace so visit us today to grab some high quality textures at a great price. Enjoy the newness and have fun weekend!
Available at: Virtual Textures' Main Store and SL Marketplace

Available at: Virtual Textures' Main Store and SL Marketplace

Available at: Virtual Textures' Main Store and SL Marketplace

Friday, September 1, 2017

Builder's Bargains & Recycled Sale at Virtual Textures

Virtual Textures has new and on sale textures sets for the Builders Bargains and Recycled sale! These items are at 50% off and more, and are available exclusively at the Creator's Market until Sept 3rd. Visit us today to grab these deals and enjoy the savings!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Weekend Sales at Virtual Textures

Get ready for the Halloween season our new spooky designs at Virtual Textures! They are at a special price for this weekend, so this is a great opportunity to get them and save. These are part of the Builders Bargains sale at the Creators Market, where we also have lots of Halloween themed textures sets on sale. Visit us today to grab some great deals and have fun shopping!
Get this new textures set at Virtual Textures

Get this new textures set at Virtual Textures

Get this new textures set at Virtual Textures

Get this new textures set at Virtual Textures

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pre Halloween Season Mini Sale

We are having a pre Halloween season mini sale at Virtual Textures! Get some great deals from a selection of Halloween themed textures sets until this Monday August 28. Items are available at our main store and at our SL Marketplace, where you can use the keyword "spookysale" to find the specials. Visit us today!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hunt Gifts + Sales Ending at Virtual Textures

Today, July 25, is the LAST day of our Hot Summer Sale at Virtual Textures! Hurry up and visit our main store or our SL Marketplace to grab from lots of high quality textures that are at a super special price. At our main store, look for red tags to find the deals, and at our marketplace use the keyword "summer sale". Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy some great savings!

Also, we have two gifts from two different treasure hunts hidden at our main store. The first one is a fantastic set of floral wood textures for the Cookie Jar's Let's Go Glamping Hunt. The hint to find this gift is: "I'm feeling LUCKY this summer" you are looking for a tiny camping tent. Preview of our gift below:

The second gift is part of the Beached Bunny Hunt. To go with the event theme, we created a nice set of summery beach hut wood planks. The hint to find this hunt object is: "I love to be around NEW stuff". You will be looking for a tiny bucket. See a preview of our gift below, and visit our main store to find it.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Virtual Textures today and grab the deals of our Hot Summer Sale before they are gone! While at our main store look for the hidden gifts and see our variety of textures sets.

Thanks for your support! Have a great time shopping and treasure hunting!